Below is a partial list of Steven Hill’s articles and opeds, drawing from material in his book Europe's Promise. To read more of his work, go to his page at the New America Foundation, www.Steven-Hill.org.

My interview with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou…from the top of the Acropolis
My interview with PM Papandreou was preceded by one with his Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Spyros Kouvelis. I was ushered into a pleasant yet not extravagant office, decorated tastefully with various artworks of Greek culture and personal artifacts.

Reconsidering Japan and Germany (and Paul Krugman)
Steven Hill, International Politik (Germany), December 2, 2010

Angela Merkel is Getting it Right
Steven Hill, International Politik (Germany), October 4, 2010
Forget Barack Obama. Forget the Hu Jintao/Wen Jiaboa duo, David Cameron, or Vladimir Putin. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is the world’s most important leader.

Austerity vs. Stimulus: Who’s Right?
Steven Hill, Social Europe Journal, November 24, 2010
To paraphrase Denmark’s Prince Hamlet, ‘To enact austerity or not to enact austerity, that is the question.’ Unfortunately, dear Hamlet, that is a question without a sure answer. The truth is, none of the experts know what is the correct thing to do. Trichet, Bernanke, Geithner, Schäuble, Krugman, Stiglitz, Wolf, Münchau, Soros, all of them are in it over their heads. In their heart of hearts, they must know it.

Germany Speaks Out
Steven Hill, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, November 12, 2010
The Group of 20 meeting in Seoul is quickly emerging as a game-changing moment. Not only did President Barack Obama suffer a loss of face, but America’s leadership took a major hit. Following America’s catalytic role in bringing the global economy to the brink of disaster, followed by the Obama administration’s weakened political position after the Nov. 2 mid-term elections, the United States is now losing the global argument over what is the best development model for the 21st century.

United States too uncritical of Israel, says American author
Interview with Steven Hill
By Mustafa Edib Yilmaz
Today’s Zaman
Istanbul, Turkey

Media ‘Speculators’ Miss History Being Made In Europe
Steven Hill, Social Europe Journal, October 19, 2010
Like financial speculators, the media likes to speculate in hype and sensationalism, dedicated to advancing their goals. Financial speculators do it to make gobs of money, and the media does it to grab eyeballs for their TV shows and newspapers. During the recent Greek debt crisis, both the financial and media speculators acted to put the eurozone in play, and to destabilise entire national economies.

There's No Place Like Europe: Steven Hill on Medical House Calls, Multiparty Politics, and Other American Fantasies
Interview with Steven Hill
by Alissa Bohling from t r u t h o u t

Steven Hill: "The crisis unites Europe" (interview in Vima, Greece’s leading daily newspaper)
Steven Hill, the American writer, journalist and political analyst, talks about the opportunities the economic crisis provides to Europe, and believes that Greece is on the right track.
By Markos Karasarinis

The China Superpower Hoax
By Steven Hill, Truthdig, September 22, 2010
China must have the best public relations maestros in the world. How else would a country with a lower per capita income than Iran, Mexico and Kazakhstan, one of the worst environmental records of any major nation, endemic corruption, jails stuffed with dissenters, and a dictatorship, besides, be hailed by so many as the next global superpower?

Don't cut Social Security, DOUBLE it
By Steven Hill, New York Daily News, September 2, 2010
In the aftermath of the Great Recession, a debate over Social Security, is heating up. This debate raises fundamental questions about what kind of society Americans wish to live in. So far, the debate has been between those deficit busters who say Social Security must be trimmed back to reduce government indebtedness, and others who want to maintain it as is. But the New America Foundation just released a study that I authored that proposes a different approach: doubling the current Social Security payout, and making it a true national retirement system. Creating a more robust system of "Social Security Plus" not only would be good for American retirees, but also would be good for the greater macro economy.

Europe’s challenge: “Out of many, one”
By Steven Hill, Social Europe Journal, September 18, 2010
With relief, Europe has made it to the end of the summer holiday season with the worst of the Greek/euro zone debt crisis behind it. Defying the gloomy headlines, the eurozone did not disintegrate; indeed this crisis, like previous ones, provided a shove toward further economic integration.

Shorting Economists: The 'Experts' Keep Getting it Wrong
Steven Hill, Truthdig, August 19, 2010

Angela Merkel: The World’s ‘Most Valuable Leader’
Steven Hill, Social Europe Journal, August 18, 2010

The Economic Fallacy of 'Zombie' Japan
Steven Hill, Guardian, August 11, 2010

Europe’s Quiet Revolution: Redefining Power in the 21st Century
Steven Hill, Spring 2010, EUSA Review
(also published as If Europe didn't exist we would have to invent it, PS/Public Servant in the UK, July 30, 2010)

Don't scorn Germany and Japan; learn from them
Steven Hill, Los Angeles Times, July 29, 2010

Europe Needs a Public Relations Makeover
Steven Hill, Social Europe Journal, July 16, 2010

Swiss offer a fix for direct democracy
Steven Hill, July 2, 2010, Sacramento Bee

Closing the ‘Democracy Deficit’ in the EU and US
Steven Hill, June 17, 2010, Social Europe Journal

Europe Energized
Steven Hill, June 8, 2010, New York Times/International Herald Tribune

Lessons from the Gulf of Mexico: US Needs a National Energy Policy like Europe’s
Steven Hill, May 17, 2010, Social Europe Journal

Greek Crisis Leads to Positive Steps
Steven Hill, May 14, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle

Europe's Answer to Wall Street
Steven Hill, April 21, 2010,The Nation

Europe Tax Model Delivers Much More
Steven Hill, April 15, 2010, Sacramento Bee

What the Doomsayers Haven’t Been Telling You About Greece
Steven Hill, April 15, 2010, Social Europe Journal

Inspiration Across the Pond
Steven Hill, March 29, 2010, E!Sharp

A More United Europe
Steven Hill, March 22, 2010, Forbes.com

Europe’s Case of ‘Chief Executive Envy’
Steven Hill, March 19, 2010, Social Europe Journal

Returning the Senate to Majority Rule
Steven Hill, March 18, 2010, Roll Call

Can Obama Bypass Republicans on Health?
Steven Hill, Feb 22, 2010, NY Times.com

The Greek Aftershock – Will it Make or Break Europe?
Steven Hill, February 19, 2010, Social Europe Journal

Lessons for Europe From California
Steven Hill, February 17, 2010, The Guardian (London)

Americans Pay Fewer Taxes Than Europeans - NOT!
Steven Hill, January 22, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle

What a Post-American World means for Europe
Steven Hill, January 18, 2010, Social Europe Journal

Economic Democracy and Codetermination: Harnessing the Capitalist Engine
Steven Hill, January 15, 2010, The Globalist

Europe's Post-Copenhagen View of Obama
Steven Hill, January 13, 2010, The New York Times

Next Steps for Social Democracy: An American Perspective
Steven Hill, December 16, 2009, Social Europe Journal

Obama Can Create Jobs by Modeling Two Good Ideas
Steven Hill, December 14, 2009, Christian Science Monitor

Healthcare Tests the Senate’s Credibility
Steven Hill, November 30, 2009, Financial Times

The Problem Is Minority Rule (in the Senate)
Steven Hill, October 13, 2009, New York Times

Health-Care Cooperatives Can Work
Steven Hill, October 12, 2009, Washington Post

America's Failed Model for the World
Steven Hill, September 16, 2009, The Guardian
As one Viennese politician told me: "If the American model no longer is the blueprint for the world, what comes next?"

Don't Want Swine Flu with Lunch? Then Offer Paid Sick Leave
Steven Hill, June 18, 2009, New York Daily News

What Obama Can Learn from European Health Care
Steven Hill, March 3, 2009, The Globalist

The Missing Element of Obama's Economic Plan
Steven Hill, January 18, 2009, openDemocracy
Imagine a place where doctors still do house calls. Or where childcare is affordable and widely available. Or where all new parents are paid to stay home and care for their newborns, and receive a monthly stipend to pay for diapers, food and other daily needs.

Learning from Europe
Steven Hill, January 16, 2009, Providence Journal
President Obama would do well to look to Europe for guidance, particularly when it comes to three of the president-elect's top priorities: energy and climate change, health care and jump-starting the economy.

The Housing Crisis: Main Street Needs Help, Too
Steven Hill with John Bartlett, October 23, 2008, The Guardian and Capitol Weekly

China's Robber-Baron Ways
Steven Hill, September 23, 2008, International Herald Tribune

China and the Long Road Ahead
Steven Hill, September 6, 2008, World Policy Blog
During the Olympics, China showed the world that it can throw a heck of a coming out party. But traveling here afterward, one sees the many complexities and challenges facing this vast and ancient land.

The Trans-Atlantic Clash over Political Economy and Fulcrum Institutions
Steven Hill, New America Foundation, January 1, 2008, Social Europe Journal
While the United States and Europe share much in common, they also exhibit basic differences, an "American Way" and a "European Way," that are diverging. In a globalized capitalist world, where all nations are seeking models of development, this clash within the West is every bit as elemental as the clash with Arab-Islam because it is multidimensional -- economic, political, social, and international in scope.

Five Myths About Sick Old Europe
Steven Hill, October 7, 2007, Washington Post
Not so long ago, American pundits and economic analysts were snidely touting U.S. economic superiority to the "sick old man" of Europe. What a difference a few months can make.

Legislators Fiddle While Earth Warms
Steven Hill, August 3, 2007, San Francisco Chronicle
While the California Legislature and Bush administration dithers, Europe is spearheading innovations. Recently, the European Union agreed to cut its carbon emissions by 20 percent, and to make renewable energy sources 20 percent of its energy mix by 2020.

Real Democracy... Or Dystopia?
Steven Hill, February 16, 2007, TomPaine.com
These are two very different alternative futures, founded on two very different philosophies regarding representative democracy -- elite rule vs. popular sovereignty. We are standing at a fork in the road, and the choice is ours.

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